commercial-cleaningServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington brings the best out of your flooring, carpet, and upholstery. Over 100,000 businesses rely on us for all of their commercial specialty cleaning needs, including:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Properly maintaining carpets in a commercial property takes ongoing care and maintenance. We are proud to serve over 5,000 customers every year with our industry leading commercial carpet care services. Fresh, clean carpet gives a great first impression for people walking into your office, and helps eliminate allergens and dust that can make the office uncomfortable for employees.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

For offices who only have partial carpeted floors, or all hard surface flooring, our hard surface floor cleaning services are a great option. We provide high quality care for a variety of hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic, tile, and hardwood floors.

Call us at 7036-913-2300 to find out about how you can breathe new life into your hardwood floors with our WoodGlo™ Cleaning System.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dust, dirt, and grime doesn’t only build up in your carpeting. It can also find its way into chairs, couches, and other upholstery with fabric surfaces. These items are often neglected and overlooked by most people, but it’s vital that they get the proper care for the wellbeing of the office staff, and also to improve the presentation of your facility to customers and guests. ServiceMaster Clean performs thorough upholstery cleaning to refresh the fabric surfaces in your office.

We can’t wait to show you the difference the commercial cleaning from ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington can make for your business. Contact us today to get started.