Workers are the most essential part of any workplace. Keeping everyone in the office healthy has been shown to improve productivity and retention, and produce financial gains as a result. It all starts with creating a clean, safe environment for workers. Our Go Green Cleaning initiative signifies our commitment to use environmentally safe cleaning products and techniques when cleaning your property.

How Green Cleaning Helps Your Business

30% of U.S. workers suffer from health problems related to Sick Building Syndrome. Sick Building Syndrome refers to illnesses caused by substandard working environments such as poor air circulation, insufficient lighting, mold, and bacteria festering in carpeting and upholstery. SBS causes several symptoms that decrease worker productivity, including nausea, headaches, lethargy, respiratory problems and more.

Through green cleaning, we’re able to safely eliminate many of the issues caused by SBS without using harsh products that contain chemicals that harm the environment and your employees. Our ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington Clean Green For™ products are certified green by both Environmental Choice and Green Seal. We are able to provide the same high quality results ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington is known for, without harming the environment or the health of workers.

In addition to keeping your employees healthy, going green may allow you get certain government incentives. The benefits of green cleaning are numerous. We are excited to have the opportunity to help your workplace receive all the advantages going green has to offer.

Leading the Way For Green Cleaning

pho_jeff_whyServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington has always been a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, with a special focus on environmental stewardship. For years, we have been working towards developing and improving our green cleaning technologies and methods to provide the best results possible.

We are proud to be able to serve our valued customers in the Greater Washington D.C. area using our innovative, and highly effective Green For™ products. These advanced cleaning solutions significantly reduce the toxins and chemicals that are released into the ecosystem.

If workers in your office have asthma, or are sensitive to chemicals found in many harsh cleaning products, contact us today to schedule your green cleaning service.

Your Trusted Green Cleaning Company

At ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington, we want to keep your office building clean, and your workers healthy. Switching to green cleaning doesn’t require any additional effort on your end. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there! Whether you’ve been a long term customer or you’re new to ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington, we will make sure you get the exceptional service that we have been providing for years.

Call us at 703-913-2300 to get started and go green!