Healthcare_cleaning_bed_table_(janitorial)Cleanliness is important for every workplace, but medical facilities are held to an even higher standard. It’s crucial that healthcare offices are free of germs and other contaminants, and completely sanitary. At ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington, we take pride in our specialized cleaning services for doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

It is our duty to keep all of your patient areas clean and sterile, so that your patients feel comfortable about the quality of care provided at your facility.

Our services are provided for:

  • Physicians’ offices
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical labs
  • Medical exam rooms
  • Nursing homes
  • And more

 Medical Office Cleaning Requires A Specialist

Not every cleaning company is trained to properly clean medical offices, or experienced with hospital environmental services. There are certain precautions that must be taken, and specialized training is needed. All of our employees are trained in medical office cleaning, and our methods are OSHA compliant.

At ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington, we only use high quality cleaning products that eliminate bacteria at its source. We also focus on the areas in your office that are touched frequently, and are common breeding grounds for bacteria, such as door handles, phones, and faucets.

At a medical office, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance by exposing patients to health hazards due to a lack of cleaning. Only use the experienced and well trained medical cleaners at ServiceMaster Janitorial of Greater Washington to clean your health facility.